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The Ready School Assessment Tool

The Ready School Assessment (RSA) is a questionnaire and rating scale for profiling a school’s readiness. The assessment centers on eight dimensions of schools’ readiness – Leaders and Leadership; Transitions; Teacher Supports; Engaging Environments; Effective Curricula; Family, School, and Community Partnerships; Respecting Diversity; and Assessing Progress. The dimensions are further subdivided into a number of readiness indicators – those policies and practices supportive of and critical to the success of children as they enter and beginning their elementary school careers.

To use the Ready School Assessment, a school improvement team scores each of the RSA’s indicators based on evidence about leadership, transition, and other practices and policies in their school.

The online Ready School Profiler available on the Web site automatically converts indicator scores into a Ready School Profile based on your school’s data.

The Ready School Profile is a graphical representation of the combined RSA scores, showing the relative strength of each dimension of the school’s readiness. The full profile presents charts for the eight ready school dimensions. It also presents charts for the 23 subdimensions of school readiness – all designed to provide specific and well-defined focus points for school improvement planning and activity.