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Ready School Team | Results of Ready School Assessment | The Program Improvement Cycle

Purpose and Structure

The Ready School Assessment is a planning tool designed to provide school improvement teams with a developmental profile of the strength of readiness features in their school setting. The assessment centers on eight dimensions of school readiness. These are derived from the work of the Ready Schools Resource Group of the National Goals Panel and a careful review of the literature pertaining to transitions, school readiness, and effective schools. Each dimension provides a different array of ready school elements—those policies and practices supportive of and critical to the success of children as they enter and begin their elementary school careers. They are:

  1. Leaders and Leadership
  2. Transitions
  3. Teacher Supports
  4. Engaging Environments
  5. Effective Curricula
  6. Family, School, and Community Partnerships
  7. Respecting Diversity
  8. Assessing Progress

For each of these dimensions, the Ready School Assessment identified from 11 to 21 indicators which further describe school readiness with a dimension. Each indicator is defined by an anchoring statement and followed by a frequency scale (Yes, No; or Never, Seldom, Sometimes, Often, Always). To complete an indicator, select and mark the frequency that best describes conditions or activities in your school setting.

Sample Ready School Assessment dimension and indicator